Video games were born in the early 1950s. Back then it catered to a small group of youngsters who wanted something new to stimulate their growing minds. However with the revolution in technology and through the birth of smartphones gaming has become a favourite among both the young and the elders.

Once upon a time games could only be played on consoles. They the PC versions were introduced. These days you can find a huge number of exciting games that can be played on your phones. The new phones have all the technology to play even the sophisticated games with ease. The growing use of mobile phones caused developers to design powerful games exclusively for mobiles.

Playing old arcade games and mobile games on your laptop and PC

Whether its old school Mario or the latest clash of clans, you can play these games using a technology called emulator.

What are emulators?

Emulators are software programmes that allow you to run programs or apps that usually are not compatible with your PC or laptop. By using an emulator you can play mobile games as well as old arcade games on your PC.

Advantages of Emulators for the gaming world

1. Better gaming experience – Mobiles and consoles offer a unique gaming experience. However a true blue gamer knows the comfort and ease of playing video games on a PC. This is because the mouse and keyboard offers the player a better control. So the reaction time is less and the chances of winning are higher.

2. It lets players play for free – Some of the popular mobile games are available for free. However, the PC version of these games come at a price. Sometimes the prices for some of the games are ridiculously high. Gamers can make use of emulators to play the mobile versions of these games on their PCs for free.

3. It keeps classic games alive – Some of the favourites from olden days such as Mario and Pokemon would have ceased to exist if it wasn’t for emulators. These games were released on arcades and old consoles. The players of this generation get to enjoy the classic experience of these games through the use of emulators.

4. Attracts more players and keeps competition active – the use of emulators keeps the number of gamers high. Higher the number of players greater is the fun in gaming. Tough competition is what makes a game fun and interesting. Most of the servers for emulators are different for PC players and mobile players. This is because it is not fair to match android players and PC players.

Who makes emulators?

Gaming enthusiast are usually responsible for building emulators. He/she could be lifelong fan of a particular game or sometimes an entire community of gamers get together to create an emulator. Since most emulators are created by gamers for fellow games it is usually free and easy to download online. To make the gaming experience as original as its real version, gamers develop the emulators with high accuracy. Thanks to the devoted fans you can find emulators for almost all the popular games, whether new or old.

Why gamers need to use emulators?

We have discussed how emulators have helped revive a number of games from olden days, which would have otherwise been lost. But here is a list of advantages emulators offers its players –

It is free – You can now play all the versions of your favourite games on your PC for free. Along with being free this software is easy to download and set up. Just follow a few guided steps and you will be all set to play any game on your PC.

Emulators are available for all games – We now know that emulators are available in plenty for all mainstream games. But what if your favourite is not so mainstream. You don’t have to worry because almost all the games are covered by an emulator whether big or small.

Compatible with all computer system – whether you are a Linux, Windows or Mac user, emulators won’t have a compatibility issue. This is because they are built to work on a wide range of computer systems.

How To Play Games With Emulators

Most gamers use emulators due to its ease of setting up and its ease of use. Here a few simple steps to help you set up an emulator to play games on your PC.

1. Choose an emulator – Search online to find an emulator for free. Installing an emulator is a little different than installing a windows software. Emulators are available in a folder and are portable programs. Inside this folder you will find all the necessary tools to set up your emulator. Choose the desired emulator and click on the specific file inside the downloaded folder. Double click the file and launch the emulator.

2. Download the ROMS

ROMS are the pirated version of the original game. Take your time and find a genuine place that lets you download the game for free. Again an extensive internet search will be needed. Browse through user comments to stay clear of bogus files. Once you have got your ROM download and save to your computer.

3. Start playing on your PC

Once you have got your ROM and your emulator you are all set to play. Open the emulator, click file and choose ROM. Click on the game that you have downloaded. It will probably be a win.rar file. Once the game opens you are good to go.

How to use PS2 emulators on your PC

Want to enjoy Play station games on your PC. Here is how –

  1. Download the required PS2 emulator
  2. Find and download the BIOS file from Playstation 2 console
  3. Next step is to Install PCSX2
  4. Configure PCSX2
  5. Put the PS2 game CD/DVD in the DVD rom. And you are all set to play your favourite PS2 game.


Video games bring back a lot of memories from our childhood. Emulators offers you a chance to go down memory lane and enjoy the games you used to play as a kid. It also allows young gamers to get a taste of old school games. With the use of emulators you can play any game on any device.